**Morgan has suggested this faster, alternative way to send packages:  Inka Envios


How to send letters:

Morgan Elise Baldridge

Mision Peru Lima Norte

Av. Carlos Izaguirre 124,

Casilla Postal 31-057


Lima 28, Peru


(Important:  All letters should be sent to the mission office – the above address.)

How to send packages:

Use the same address as for letters.

VERY IMPORTANT: Each package is reviewed and can be held for inspection at random by the SUNAT (SUNAT is Peru’s national customs/taxation body).  If a package is held, the missionary is required to pay the value of the package in order to have it returned to them. You can’t send things like: money, beef jerky, cameras, watches, objects of value, used clothes or medication. This is by rule of the SUNAT.

You cannot send packages via FEDEX, etc.  Remember, only use the US Postal Service.