Semana 28

July 31, 2017  Independencia, Lima, Peru

Dear family and everyone (well everyone is family spiritually so just family),

This week we ate cuy (I think it’s a big hamster, but it’s a famous dish in Peru).  It was only the bottom half, so we didn’t see the head.  I know, disappointing.  We were really very blessed because it’s a very expensive dish and hard to come by as a missionary.  But we were eating lunch with a member named Sarita and talking about weird things like tocosh and cangrejo (crab – which we also ate here the other day) and my companion brought up cuy, saying that we have been wanting to try it.  Sarita said, “Really?! because someone just gifted one to us and I don’t like it.  Do you want it?”  YES!!  The texture is between chicken and fish and they say that it is very healthy and is recommended for stomach cancer and other ailments.

28 de Julio is independence day of Peru!! SO we ate ice cream.  SOOOO many flags.  I’m going to bring one home to put up every July.  This weekend everyone has off of work and school and is called Fiestas Patrias. There are youth practicing marches in the streets (desfilas), so many parties, groups of people drinking in the streets, blow-up tent things that are for formal parties, the ward went on paseo a chosica.  There are three recent converts viejitos: Jorge, Jose Luis, Valeriano and apparently they did everything together and at one point disappeared and the ward started calling them the 3 Nefitas.  So funny!  We took Jose Luis to the temple for his first time and he came out glowing.   We had a work visit this week.  I stayed in the area and Hermana Rockhill joined me.  She’s from Utah and was raised on a farm.  I told her that that is one of my dreams and she laughed.  We found a lot of new people to teach this week.  Especially Rosa, Kevin, y Thiago (su hijito su de un mesecito).  They are married!!! (Halelujah) and we contacted them on the street asking them DO you like to read? and telling them about the Book of Mormon, also Hermana Rockhill the whole time was saying “animalito”  to ask if they wanted to share her animal crackers.  They permitted us to go with them to their house that moment and share a message.  They gave us another bag of animal crackers when we left.  Awww.  The Lord is preparing people in all parts of His vineyard to hear the gospel.  He gives us the opportunity the blessing of being His hands to LIFT His children.  As we lift up the hands that hang down and strengthen the feeble knees, we are lifting our brothers and sisters closer to their Savior, lifting them to know their Maker, lifting them back home to their Father in Heaven to forever dwell with Him above.

Side note: I think that the way that we speak here in Peru is different than in other Latin American countries, in that we say everything con cariño (with care/tenderness) like abuelito vs. abuelo, hojita vs. hoja, pancito vs. pan, aguita vs. agua, etc.  In other countries is it that way too?



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