Semana 27: Dios es amor

July 24, 2017 1:10 pm Independencia Lima Peru

Dios es amor

My companion and I have spent most of this week smiling and laughing and crying together.  Crying because this Saturday a little baby girl in the ward died at 3 months old.  A few days before, we had eaten lunch in their house and we were talking to her.  My companion was singing to her “que linda manito que tengo yo, chiquita y bonita que Dios me dio” (a little nursery rhyme in Spanish).  Her name is Gissell and to our knowledge she passed away due to asphyxiation of milk (I don’t know in English –  I think that spelling was half and half both idiomas).  After the baptism of Valeriano (!!), we went to their house for a mini-devotional/funeral.  Her little body is so small and beautiful.  I cried a lot – so grateful for the ability to mourn with those that mourn (her mom Carolina) and for the plan of happiness that God has for us.  Right now, Gissell is in the Spirit World helping other people.  She was so valiant in the Premortal Life that she just needed 3 short months and a body in this earth life to prepare to live with God (Alma 34:32).

Let us remember the love of God and His tender mercies/ blessings he has given us (D&C 6:22-23)

Let us remember our covenants and do what we said we would do

“How are we getting along as a family?” Five-year-old Lizzie complained that her big brother, Kevin, was teasing her too much and hurting her feelings. Kevin reluctantly admitted that Lizzie was right. Kevin’s mother asked him what he could do to get along better with his sister. Kevin thought and decided he would promise Lizzie that he would go one whole day without teasing her.

At the end of the next day as everyone gathered for family prayer, Kevin’s dad asked Kevin how he had done. Kevin’s response was “Dad, I kept my promise!” Lizzie happily agreed, and the family congratulated Kevin.

Kevin’s mother then suggested that if he could keep his promise for one day, why couldn’t he do it for two days? Kevin agreed to try it again. Two days passed, Kevin was successful in keeping his promise, and Lizzie was even more thankful! When his father asked why he was keeping his promises so well, Kevin said, “I kept my promise because I said I would.” – A Sin-Resistant Generation by Joy D. Jones

Re Fotos: We bought these chocolates for two members who helped us in the missionary work in the ward, but they left town for a week, and of course we didn’t want the chocolate to go bad…​


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