Semana 26

July 17, 2017  1:15 p.m. Independencia Lima Peru

Psych.  Actually I complete 6 months today.  Whoopsadaisy (because my mission call says January 17th , not 10th, silly Hermana Baldridge).

We got a long list of ideas of how to find new people to teach.  And our Hermanas Capacitadoras came over to make us breakfast and practice contacting with us.  It was tasty and fun. A refreshing and inspiring morning.  This is part of my message to President Godfrey:

We were blessed with the opportunity to eat lunch with some families in our ward, in whom the fathers are return missionaries. We asked them how they found people to teach on their missions and learned about what helped them to have success. The common thread is following the small promptings of the Spirit and gaining confidence with the members and especially the bishop, so I want to be more in tune with the Spirit and serve the members. We are trying the buzon (mailbox) idea, saliendo (going out) with leaders of the ward, and talking with the people from Venezuela. I’m so grateful for the long list of ideas to find new people to teach and can’t wait to see the fruits!

The members here are so good.  They are kind and strong in the gospel, especially the families with fathers who have served missions.  I love eating lunch with the members and getting to know them and hearing their stories, because now I can understand almost everything they say!  Blessings!  I don’t know if you already know this, but the people here talk.  So much. We went to visit Alejandra (a member I hadn´t met) one night.  She said, “Hermanas, I’m a little busy right now.”  (We stayed standing by the door talking and mostly listening for more than an entire hour.)  I don’t think that I will ever get used to that part of the culture.  Let’s just say I am so grateful that my mom took me to find really good walking/ standing shoes.  I imagine that they have less emotional problems here because the detoxifying part of venting they do on a daily basis.  Interesting.  🙂

Valeriano had his interview and is ready for his baptism this Saturday!  Rosa´s heart is a lot softer, is a lot more willing to receive an answer from God.  Maycol came to church again! After losing contact with him, we weren’t sure if he would come.  So did Elizabeth! We went to the house of Elizabeth, Jose and their two hijitas Nataly and Melany Saturday night and reminded them of the Sabbath day, the blessings, and the practical application (actually waking up in the morning to be there at 8am).  They weren’t sure if their hijitas would wake up, but promised to give a good effort.  We were so happy to at least see Elizabeth in the chapel the next morning and are going to work with them on going to bed early Saturday night.  Sacrifices bring blessings.  So what are we waiting for?  Let’s sacrifice!  ( I know, best pep talk ever).

I love you so much!  Your messages this week really helped to motivate me and help me to feel how I can be the best missionary I can be.  Thank you!

Lots of love, para siempre Hermana Baldridge



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