6 Meses

July 10, 2017  2:08 pm Independencia Lima Peru

6 Meses (Six Months) Wow, time flies, and stops, and flies again

(Independencia is the district just south of Comas.  Some stats to compare Comas to Independencia, and both to Roseville/Sacramento:

Comas: area 19 sq mi; population density 25,000/sq mi; elevation 460 ft

Independencia: area 5.5 sq mi; population density 35,000/sq mi; elevation 430 ft

Roseville: 43 sq mi; population density 3,000/sq mi; elevation 164 ft

Sacramento: 100 sq mi; population density 5,000/sq mi; elevation 30 ft)

I am here in Independencia in the Contisuyo ward with Hermana Daniele from Cordova Argentina.  She looks and talks a little bit like a gringa, but is from Argentina.  She is 20, tall, and funny.  She reminds me of Hermana Salguero.  She likes interior design, fashion design, and optomology.  She only has 1 and a half months here, so the map is our best friend.  Our area is gigantic.  Our church building is the mission office.  Woah!  So yes, Presidente Godfrey did walk into the room and startled me on my second day.  This area is more pituco (snobbish).  There are more big streets.  There are stoplights and crosswalks.  There are a lot more cars.  It’s like going from the country part of Auburn to Rocklin/Sacramento.  There aren’t many motos!!!! No!  It’s okay – more incentive to walk and stay on time.  We don’t have cerros (hills).  I think it’ll be shellshock when I have cerros.  The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles recently communicated that we will be in our areas and with our companions for more time, up to 6 months or more.  Wow.  I’m excited to be able to form strong relationships with the members here.

I don’t know if you all know this, but I didn’t before my mission. When you complete months in the mission it’s like having a birthday.  In Spanish, “birthday” is “cumpleaños”, so our month-day is called “cumplemeses”.  Mine is the 17th of every month, and the months of 6, 9, 12, and 18 are the biggest celebrated for women missionaries.  Hermana Daniele cumplio 9 meses (had her “9-month day”)my second day here, so we celebrated with ice cream, pizza and salchipapas.  Probably a bad idea, but you only “give birth” (9 months) one time on the mission.  (When you complete 9 months on your mission as a girl, you take a maternity picture pretending that you’re pregnant.)  I made my companion a sign that said “I have a food baby”, after explaining that phrase in English to her.  I thought it was fitting considering the food we ate.

Now my investigadores (investigators) that I´m working with are named Valeriano (un hombre mayor amigo de miembro sue quiere bautizarse – the best friend of a member who wants to be baptized), Rosa (about 50 yrs old, she’s attended church for 5 years but is not a member, her two children are members and one served a mission, we are helping her learn about forgiveness, because the fathers of her children have caused her a lot of worry and pain and still do), Jaime (16 yrs. just received his answer that the book of Mormon is true!), and Maycol (boyfriend of less-active member, has a lot of trials in his life, including going to jail before, but has a testimony that the church is true and that he needs God).

This area is a little bit harder to find people to share the gospel with in the moment, because with the bigger streets, comes bigger crowds of people and bigger hustle to get where they’re going.  But, Hermana Godfrey recently bore her testimony that the field is white already to harvest, in whatever area, and with whatever companion.  The Lord and the angels are preparing people to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

From Sister Parqui (previous companion):

“Hola Hermana Baldridge, tambien le amo,  fue lo más bonito, días antes nos llamó Presidente para preguntar por ellas, que nervios, y que si teníamos el permiso, y explique que lo de Mayumi se postergó su bautismo anteriormente y de Sofía que tiene un testimonio y su familia es miembro reciente. El día del bautismo, fue la familia de Mayumi, hna Rosa y Yesica, Mayara y trajeron torta y gaseosa. Sofía también se bautizó, aunque al principio llegó sola con hno Randy, porque habían tenido problemas con hna Mirian, fuimos a buscar a Hna Mirian y le hablamos de la escritura que compartimos sobre la oposición y que ese problema que había surgido era la oposición, que el enemigo quería que ella no vaya y que debía vencer eso, así que le dije vamos a ir al bautismo de Sofía, ella le está esperando y ella dijo esta bien y fue tan lindo. Y bueno ayer se confirmaron y estan contentas, gracias hermana Baldridge por ayudarme a tener más fe y confianza, porque es por la fe que se obran milagros, y como dice en Eter 12.14. Le mando las fotos de ellas.”

(Hello Sister Baldridge, I love you too.  It [the baptism day] was the most beautiful.  Days before, we called President Godfrey in order to ask [permission] for them [to be baptized], so nervous, and that if we had the permission, and explain that Mayumi’s baptism had been postponed previously and of Sofia that she has a testimony and her family were recent members.   The day of baptism, [attending were] Mayumi’s family, Sisters Rosa and Yesica, Mayara and they brought cake and soda.  Sofia also was baptized, although at the beginning she arrived alone with Brother Randy, because they had had problems with Sister Mirian.  We went to find Sister Mirian and she told us of the scripture that teaches about opposition and that this problem that had arisen was opposition, that the enemy didn’t want her to go and that she should beat that.  So, I said let’s go to Sofia’s baptism, she is waiting, and Mirian said that’s good and it was so cute.

And then yesterday, was the confirmation and they were happy.  Thank you, Sister Baldridge, for helping me and having so much faith and confidence, because it is by faith that miracles come, and like it says in Ether 12:14 (“Behold it was the faith of Nephi and Lehi that wrought the change upon the Lamanites, that they were baptized with fire and with the Holy Ghost.”)  I send the photos of them.)

Photos: Making causa!  o sea (that is) massaging boiled potatoes with our hands, and mixing sauces into them.  Mmmmm no actually es ricisimo (it’s delicious).  We are in the house of Milagros and Omar, a wonderful young couple in the ward (Contisuyo).


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