Semana 19

May 29, 2017 12:48 p.m. Comas Lima Peru

Semana 19

Happy almost Birthday Shaybug! I miss you so much!  I want to watch Nemo and Robin Hood with you and eat frozen yogurt with gummy worms and rice krispie treats with you.  I want to swim in Cammy´s pool with you.

I have been really blessed on my mission to meet many parents of children with disabilities, and a few of their children.  I am so grateful for the testimony that I have that every person is worth SO MUCH to Heavenly Father and is His child.  I have been able to share that testimony with many people.  On Saturday, we met Miguel, his daughter is Maricielo.  She is 23, has Down Syndrome, and is nonverbal.  We got to meet her; she is so timid, small, and happy.  I gave her a pink sticky note that said “le amamos” with a heart.  I talked with Miguel about my experience with Shay and my testimony.  We hope to be able to return and teach the whole family.  This week we are working hard to help Tonny, Juan, Dante, and Ara to be prepared for baptism.

My companion, Hermana Parqui is very sweet, is 33, has 10 months in the mission, and is from Arequipa Peru.  She teaches SO differently than Hna Meza and Hna Salguero – very soft and slow – but with the Spirit.  I´m adjusting to that.  I´ve had a bit of anxiety this week to not fail the Lord with all of the wonderful people He has blessed us with in this area.  I don’t want to be the missionary that taught one lesson and never came back.  I know that the Lord will help us and already has.  I just need to trust him and serve my companion and forget about myself.  (Forget myself and go to work – President Hinckley) I love D & C 81:5.  And my zone has been challenged to memorize this scripture: “se diligente en conocer el estado de tus ovejas, pon tu corazon en tus rebanos proverbios”.  I´m working on putting all of my heart into this work , into loving people.


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