Semana 12 – Crazy! (I’ve been here for the same amount as the CCM!!)

April 10, 2017  1:17 p.m. Comas Lima Peru

Semana 12 – Crazy! (I’ve been here for the same amount as the CCM!!)


I love you!  I cannot express my gratitude for your emails.  Letters and packages take quite a long time to get here, so I’m told, so email is the best way for me.  Your words every week are such a strength and a reminder of why I am serving the Lord in this way.  Thank you!

3 Ne 7 tells of the missionary Nephi and the power he was given from the Lord to do his work.  We had 2 multi-zone conferences with Presidente Godfrey this week which were so inspiring and we watched part of “Facing the Giants”.  (Dad, thank you for all the memories of cheesy sports movies with religious messages. I balled my eyes out during the death crawl.)

I also love Helaman 10 and the importance of hard work.

Miriam and Randhi were interviewed by Elder Horseley and Elder Porras and then both by Presidente Castillo (consejero (counselor) del Presidente Godfrey).  They passed and now just need to have stronger testimonies so their new fecha (baptism date) is 29 de abril (April 29th).  I’m sad that they won’t be baptized now, but grateful that we can help them grow even more their faith and baptize converts.

Oh, and we gave talks in church!  Mine was 10 minutes about missionary work (I know, how did they choose that one? hmm…)

Last night we were closing our eyes to bless dinner with a member family and we got a phone call from Carlos, a convert, saying that he was with his friend that he had wanted to present to us for more than a week now.  We left the dinner and walked really fast to meet Frank, planning to sacar una cita (set a date to teach) and then return to dinner.  He asked, “Are you going to teach me now?” (golden), so we taught him in front of Carlos’ house (because he lives alone) about the LDM (Book of Mormon) and got another appointment.  I’m so excited to see him progress and so grateful that Carlos let his light shine by inviting his friend to talk with us.  Please let your light shine that the people you hold dear will see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven and enjoy the happiness of the Atonement too!  (The plea of a greenie missionary).

I love you all soooooooo much!

Til next time, forever yours,

Hermana Baldridge (what’s up with all the cheese? No me pregunte (Don’t ask me))

P.S. Cambios (Transfers) are tomorrow and we find out tonight if either or both of us will be moving areas.  Crazy!

Fotos:  a member gave us pizza and yogur, another member gave us hamburgers (the most american-like food I’ve eaten), our silly faces after my first time eating heart (of a cow), notes from my talk, ice cream for Hna Meza’s 17 month anniversary!!

3 Ne 7 can be found at

Helaman 10 can be found at


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