Semana 10

March 27, 2017 1:31 pm Comas Lima Peru

Semana 10

Yesterday, in language study, we were reading Alma 1 in Spanish and English.  In verse 26, the word for “learner” in Spanish is “discipulo” (or disciple).  We choose to be disciples of Christ or learners of Christ.  From John 7:17 we know that you learn by doing.  To be a disciple of Christ, we must be learning of him (D&C 19:23) and acting on our faith in him (James 2:17).

Miriam and Randi have baptismal date for april 8!

Some questions from Meagan: (I´m going to answer more next week, for sure.  Thank you for all of your questions. I got quite a good laugh reading them.)

How are you liking the food?

Last night when we were eating with members, Hermana Meza told them that I love all of the food of Peru that I´ve tried so far.  I realized that she is right and what a great blessing that is.  I do love it, which is critical to the next answer.

Do you get to eat very much?

SO MUCH! I don´t think I am able to adequately express how much food they fit on one plate (or two or three).  So much rice, noodles, potatoes, and chicken.  Nevertheless, I still get excited every day to go to lunch with the members.  I love being with the members here.  I still can´t interact with them in much depth, but I can feel of their love for us and the Lord.

Do you speak English with anyone or are you trying to talk Spanish all the time?

This week we have visitos de trabajo (or exchanges, I think, in English), where our sister training leaders become our companions for a day.  My companion was Hermana Gilson (from SLC Utah, who also has red hair and pale skin – we must have been a sight).  We worked in her area (Retablo) and spoke a lot of Spanish, but also English.  She´s been on her mission for 13 months and I figure with only having had 1 norteamericana companion, she hasn´t spoken much English.  So, we spoke quite a bit of English, which was refreshing.  However, normally no English, just in my personal prayers and my letter to the mission president.

How much time do you spend interacting with the other missionaries in your area, like you showed from the pictures last week?

We have District meetings every Tuesday (we have 6 missionaries in our distrito- Elder Horseley, Elder Cachique, Elder Garcia, Elder Gledhill, and us). I think that zone meetings are every month because I´ve only been to one.  On P-days, with exception of 2 Mondays every cambio (6 weeks) (1 with zone, 1 with district), it´s just Hna Meza and I.  We often see other misioneros in Metro (the store we buy our groceries from on P-day).

Hna Meza feels that we should leave, so I will write again next week.  Know that I love you and pray for you cada dia.  God is great!


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