Semana 7

Sunday, March 6th  Lima, Peru


My companion is HNA Meza and she is so wonderful – her faith is magnificent.  She’s from Paraguay and joined the church 4 years ago.  She’s been on her mission for 16 months, so she will “die” next transfer.  She is a master teacher and really loves the people.  I can understand the people pretty well, unless they speak really softly or quickly or there are distractions.  By the end of every day my mind is about to explode – but I pray for the gift of tongues and I am given the energy to focus and at least understand the main message.  People here are so willing to talk and listen to our message.  We are in Comas and our ward is La Mar.  It’s flat, so no big hills to climb yet.  My favorite thing to do is ride in “motos”.  They are like little buggies – little cars.  We tell the driver where we want to go and ask “How much?”  Then we slide into the small “back seat”.  Sometimes they have doors and sometimes not.  We use them when we go out of our area or need to get to the other side of our area in a jiffy. J  Our shower yields only cold water, as I can tell – but I’m always sweating so it doesn’t really bother me.  It’s very dirty/dusty, there are lots of dogs, and always are people in the streets.  We eat almuerzo with members every day (Oh my goodness – SO MUCH FOOD on one plate) at 1:30 p.m.  We wake up at 7:30, exercise til 8 am, shower, eat breakfast, get ready, then we do personal study, planning, companionship study, 12-week program study, language study, and lunch.  Around 3:30/4 every day we go proselyting/to our set visits with investigadores, conversos recientes, and miembros.  We pray for so many people – it’s amazing!  D&C 4:4 is true.  We work until 10 pm or 10:30 pm, if in a lesson.  Our home is on the 4th floor and pretty roomy.  We’ve had so many lessons in these 6 days – what a blessing and I’m so tired. J

With Miriam, Randy and their children, Siola y Diam, we had a tour of the church (which we went early to clean for them).  We talked about what they could expect at church and the importance of the Sacrament (Santa Cena) in our relationship with God and becoming clean.  We talked about Baptism and the Atonement tambien.  My favorite experience so far has been with Cintia, who we met as a street contact – she was sitting on a bench.  She was thinking – she said – and we could tell that she was going through something really hard.  We taught her about Heavenly Father, testified that she is a daughter of God and about the Plan of Salvation a little bit.  I asked her if we could pray with her and she said yes.  I love her so much and I know that Jesus knows exactly what she’s feeling and how to comfort her.  I testified in another lesson that the Atonement is why I’m here – because of the love of a big brother – a carpenter’s son – a King of Kings – who died for me and for you.  Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me.


Monday, March 6th  12:52 pm Lima Peru

Wow.  I made it to P day.  I hope that it won´t always be like that, but if it is, I´m in for learning a lot about enduring to the end. 🙂  Thank you for your prayers, I have also been praying every night for you.  I have been praying that this will feel like home, like the CCM did.  It doesn´t yet, but I am learning hope and feeling the love of my Savior every day.  I constantly feel my need for Him and, if this is how it has to be for me to have my need for my Savior forever in my heart, then I hope I will accept it with gratitude.

I got to bear my testimony yesterday and it was simple, but it was in Spanish. I am deeply grateful for the testimony that I have – it has carried me this week.  I´m definitely changing and breaking so that the Lord can build me up.  It´s not a comfortable, easy, or (to be honest) happy process, but I KNOW that God loves me and he is aware of me.  He clothes the lilies of the field, he feeds the lambs of his fold, and he WILL HEAL those who trust him and make their hearts as gold.  The refiner´s fire is hot and it hurts, but it is for a magnificent purpose.  I know with all my heart that God loves his children and each one is dear to him.  I have been able to meet and feel of the spirits of so many of them this week.

My compañera is lo maximo (the best).  Her name is Hermana Meza and she is from Paraguay.  She finishes her mission in 2 months, so I am learning from a seasoned warrior. She knows a little bit of English.

She hugs me and gives me candy when I cry, so she is a ray of sunshine.  Oh, and watch out, because some day this hermana´s faith will move an actual mountain.

Ooh, and to flush our toilet you have to dump a bucket of water into it.  So fun!  I know I´m a weirdo.

As you probably know, we put the toilet paper in the trashcan but, suprisingly to me, it´s not stinky.

We can eat the fruit here and we eat so much rice and potatoes at lunch with members.  I surely hope that my stomach adjusts to eating basically a cow at lunch and not much else in the other meals.

I get to do yoga every day!  They give us each a yoga mat and we exercise on it every morning at 7:30 when we awaken.

I love you- I love you- I love you!  Keep smiling!

Hermana Morgan Baldridge


One thought on “Semana 7

  1. Querida Hermana Baldridge,

    Siempre es maravillosa a leer su mensaje de la semana. Ya Ud. ha aprendido mucho acerca la vida de una misionera Latina. No es siempre maravillosa, pero, el Senor esta cerca y a veces es posible a sentir esto mucho. Buen suerte con todo. La vida en los paises latino no es lo mismo de estados unidos, Ya? Donde en Paraguay esta la casa de su companera? Fuimos misioneros in Paraguay en 2000-2001, en la oficina de la misison por Paraguay Norte. No me accuerdo la direccion, pero no en lo mismo mision de el templo. Fuimos alla cuando el lugar por el templo y the “ground-breaking” took place. Mucha lluvia en este dia! Mucha!!!

    Buen suerte con todo. Siempre mandado con amor! Sus Baldridge Viejos!

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