Semana 6

February 28, 2017 7:04 p.m. Lima Peru

Morgan left the CCM (Missionary Training Center) and traveled to the Lima Norte mission today.  The mission office sent three pictures of her and those in her mission, as well as a quick note she had handwritten (below).  Her new PDay is Monday.

“Dear Family,

I’m so excited to learn Spanish more and meet my companion.  I love Presidente y Hermana Godfrey and I’m excited to learn more from them.  The bus ride from the CCM to the Mission Home was eye-opening.  There are so many of the houses on the hills/mountains that are all colorful but just about to fall down (or so it seems).  I saw a few markets full of people that were exciting.  I am here with 2 norteamericana hermanas (HNA Bucknum & Brasga) and one elder and about 15 latinos misioneros (3 HNAs). I’ve been praying for you daily by name and I’m grateful for the loving and learning relationships that I am blessed to have with you.  I have been praying a lot for confidence and humility (which are both REALLY hard for me!) and I can’t wait to see the Lord work miracles through me and witness more of the magnificent gift of tongues.  I know my Savior Jesus Christ lives and I can’t wait to feel his love for the people of Peru Lima Norte.  I’ve been able to translate quite a bit for the Latina sisters here because the senior missionaries and assistants often speak English when not directed to the group (they are all learning too J ).  All my love,

Hermana Baldridge”


2 thoughts on “Semana 6

  1. Querida Hermana Baldridge,

    Estamos muy feliz a saber que hoy es el dia por su cambio a ser misionera real! Bueno!

    Nuestras oraciones son lleno de amor y paz para Ud. El evangelio es la verdad. Ud. sabe este verdadura es buenom realmente maravillosa, pero es muy dificil a ayudar otras personas a entender esta buena mensaje. Mucho suerte a Uds.

    Sus Baldridge Viejos

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