¡Semana 5!

¡Semana 5!

February 22, 2017  8:50 a.m. Lima Peru


¡Les amo!

Wow! – I got to share the gospel with the people of Peru this week (who aren’t already members of the church).  We went proselyting on Saturday – to Lima Este from about 1:00-5:00 p.m.  Since there were only two sister missionaries serving in that area, two members and one CCM teacher also helped and we were not alone.  So, I was with HNA Wilson and a returned missionary sister member.  We got a paper with addresses and names (referrals) to go find.  Only one of them opened the door and it was the wife, but she didn’t have time to talk then.  Mostly we just walked a lot and talked to anyone who wanted to listen.  At first, I was super nervous to talk in Spanish, because we can’t understand very much still.  But, HNA Wilson has the spiritual courage of a bear so she led the way and I saw that it wasn’t that scary.  I learned how to say ¿Puedo darle una tarjeta? (Can I give you a pass along card?)  The people are so open to talking and are so kind.  Even when they were in a huge hurry, they apologized profusely for not being able to stay and talk longer.  MY favorite interaction was with a women, su hija (her daughter), and su madre (her mother) (I think).  She attends the Baptist church and was very happy to listen to us.  HNA Wilson told her that we have a message about how the gospel blesses families.  HNA gave the woman (Teresa) a folleto (pamphlet).  My favorite part was that the daughter immediately came over to look at the folleto, and pried it out of her mother’s hand to read it herself.  I asked her what her name was (Rubi) and how old she was (7).  I have been praying that she will not forget the spirit that she felt and keep learning about the church.

(Morgan says she won’t have a Pday next week.  She will be leaving the CCM (training center) on Tuesday for her mission area (Lima Norte).  She’ll be able to check in quickly by email to say she arrived, but then her new Pday/email day will be Mondays.)  Oh boy, I am going to miss my district soooo much.  I have three new sisters and 6 new brothers that I adore.  We are going to do a special musical number (just my distrito Eter), “Love is Spoken Here” (in ingles but last line in español).  And the prelude for the last Sunday (a tradition) is the EFY medley sung by all the avanzados (outgoing missionaries) to the principiantes (new CCM missionaries) but the words are changed to “…and we are NOW the Lord’s missionaries to bring the world his truth”.  We do these things called “sizzle sessions”- misleading because we´re not mean – just spotlight a companionship and learn about them.  It has brought us a lot closer together.

Last Pday, Hermana and Presidente Moore officiated our temple session – it was so special to feel the peace of the temple while being with them.  It felt like I was with my family.  My teacher, HNO Meza, is a temple worker, so he was also there.  So special.  I found out that in my mission I will be able to go to the temple (every 4 months)!  Halelujah!   I bought a little Spanish hymnbook- best decision ever.

I leave for Lima Norte mission the morning of Tuesday (February 28th).

We had a class about health: tapeworms, eating off the street, ingrown toenails, kidney stones, etc. that made me want to go back to America. 🙂  But, I know the Lord will help me and I’m so grateful to get to travel with HNA Bucknum to our mission at the same time.

God is good!  Christ is my Savior and yours and His atonement covers EVERYTHING – it is infinite.

HNA Baldridge

(Photos this week: A breakfast at the Comedor, some principiantes and avanzados at desayuno, and Peruvian vending machine snacks in Spanish)


One thought on “¡Semana 5!

  1. Querida Hermana Morgan, Buen suerte en todas partes de su mision! Ha sido un gran bendicion para mi a leer sus emails. Somos muy feliz que Ud. ha decido (chosen?) a servir como misionera, y en el pais donde espanol es la lengua. Espede que esta esperiencia estara un grand bendicion no solo por la gente de Peru, pero por Ud. tambien! Cada vez yo veo su nombre, me pienso, este fue MI NOMBRE in Guatemala y tambien en Paraguay. Es un gran nombre! Disfrute todas partes de su mision. A veces –boy am I missing my Spanish/Englsh diccionario which is up in our house in Payson!) En todo caso, por favor, recorder que sus abuelos Baldridge te amo mucho y espero por gran bendiciones de salud y inspiracion por Ud. por todo de su mision! Buen Suerte! Sus Abuelos Baldridge

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