Semana 4 (¡a month in 2 days!) (¡¿What the what?!)

Semana 4 (¡a month in 2 days!) (¡¿What the what?!)

8:48 a.m. Lima, Peru

Querida Familia,

My habit is now to take a picture of all my new emails, write my own letter and then read the emails from my camera after the time runs out, so that I can maximize my time on the computer. I love this way because then I can read many more emails.  Thank you for all the emails, prayers, and love you’ve been sending my way!  I love you all so dearly.

Humor: In one of our first lessons with Estela, HNA Wilson was answering a question about where she was from and what the weather was like there.  Since she’s from Utah, she wanted to say there is a lot of snow (nieva) but didn’t know the word, so she said ‘Hay muchos novios en UT.” (There are a lot of boyfriends in UT.)  HNA Estela laughed at us and it was pretty great.

HNA Luna (our evening maestra who pretends to be Estela our investigador) is very pregnant.  We taught her a few nights ago in Casita 7 (little ‘homes” without air conditioning that sometimes get extremely hot) and she looked so uncomfortable the whole time.  Sometimes the teachers fake being distracted or falling asleep because they want us to have practice teaching in less-than-ideal situations.  I’m pretty sure HNA Luna was not faking any of that.  After the lesson, HNA Wilson and I got two glasses of water from the Comedor for her and she was so touched that she said, “Voy a llorar” (I’m going to cry) and later HNA Wilson saw her taking a picture of the water glasses with her phone.  I have a testimony that little acts of service are missionary work.  Those are the things Jesus would do if He were here with us on the Earth.  I also have a testimony of the healing-enabling power of service upon all involved, especially those giving service.

The new misioneros en the CCM are wonderful and I enjoy being able to answer questions when they have them.  I have met a few more Latina misioneras who will serve in Lima Norte with me and I love them already!

We will be proselyting on Saturday (outside the walls…).  I will receive a new companion for the day who is serving her mission in either Lima Sure or Lima Este and we will do anything she would normally do – teach lessons, street contact, knock on doors, etc.  I´m nervous, but excited for the growth opportunity it will be.

I have loved playing fútbol (soccer) this week.  HNA Bucknum keeps saying “HNA Baldridge, you’re scaring me!”  Just wait until she sees me at Clue… just kidding (btw, there’s not a direct translation for “jk” in Spanish or “never mind”… weird).

I will be teaching a gospel doctrine lesson on repentance to my district this Sunday.  In preparation for this, I’ve loved learning how the principle of repentance is integral to most every part of the gospel.  I got to see the devotional by Elder Bednar on the Character of Christ (the one Erica told me about when he does a Cookie Monster impersonation.  Garin and Taylor, I expect that one at the next talent show if you don’t already have it in your talent bank).  It was about putting off the natural man – turning away from ungodliness and turning TO Christ.  (Mosiah 3:19)

People say “bueno”, “pues”, and “a ver” all the time!!  Similar to how we say “um” or “like”.

I´m fairly certain I think of Play Theory every day. (Play Theory is something that Morgan learned through participation in the acting/improv group, Take Note Troupe.  It is based on the idea that Happiness is a skill. It involves play and generosity and four basic tenets found at  Especially Be 100% Present (be here with all your heart, might, mind and strength) and Look Outward (character of Christ) and, this week, Say Yes And (how to be united in teaching and testifying of what the other teaches).  Shout out to LaRee Florence, the saint of a director, for helping me learn these principles of interaction and love in my heart!! I love you, LaRee.

I don’t remember if I’ve already mentioned it, but the Lord helped me to memorize D&C Chapter 4.  I want to memorize the articulos de fe now.

D&C 81:5 (“succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees”) has been on my mind a lot lately.  Are you lifting others in your speech and actions?

SO MUCH LOVE, Hermana Baldridge


One thought on “Semana 4 (¡a month in 2 days!) (¡¿What the what?!)

  1. Morgan your awesome, your yoga session from the last wood family reunion is playing behind me and it is awesome too. I hope your having fun in Peru and learning a lot. I know your up for your mission. Keep responding please and I’ll be your mission pen pal. I think it will help me a lot. Don’t have too much fun though.

    Go convert the multitudes waiting for your push and the Savior’s words,
    Caleb (Mission Pen Pal)

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