¡Semana 3!

Semana 3

February 7th (Tuesday) 3:30 p.m. Lima Peru

The Avocados (“Avanzados”, or older Americans at the CCM, 3 weeks ahead of us) just left to their mission areas yesterday.  Also, the Latinos only stay for 3 weeks, so it’s just us now.  I´m an Avocado now!  We will get new Principiantes or “Piñas” tomorrow!  I can´t wait.  Some of my pictures this week are with the hermanas who just left:  HNA Miller, Mohn, Startup, Myrabo, and Chandler.

We walked into Capilla C for something called “Practice Teaching” and then were told that we would be teaching two 15-minute lessons to LATINO MISIONEROS!  I gained a stronger testimony of el don de lenguas (the gift of tongues) that night.  These missionaries were nice, but they were instructed to act like non-members and not slow down their speech for us.  Ahhh!  Yes, they did laugh at us… with love.  In moments of no comprehension, I think I would have done the same thing in their shoes.  My companion and I were led to the same scripture to share with one of them.  I was able to understand the need of the Hermana that we taught first (which was the goal of the exercise).  I somehow understood that she had repented but didn´t feel like God had or could forgive her.  Later that night, mi compañera asked how I knew her need and I couldn’t remember when/how she had said it.  I know that the Holy Ghost helps us communicate heart-to-heart with our investigators and will translate our broken message perfectly to their hearts.  I just need to be humble enough to invite the Spirit and not get in the way.

I was a little sick this week (short fever, cold symptoms, and what is lovingly called “the dragon” here at the CCM).  And then I gave it to my companion.  Share everything, right?  God answers prayers.  The night of my fever, I prayed that I would be well enough to learn in my classes, and continue teaching investigadores.  And that´s exactly what happened.  God doesn´t always answer my prayers like that, because He has a higher plan for me that I can´t fully comprehend, but this time He did and I was really grateful.  Thank you for your prayers on my behalf.  I have a strong testimony of the power of prayer and miracles that come when we have faith.

These are responses to the questions you sent:

  1. What is your favorite part of the day/week?  What is your least favorite? My favorite part of the day/week is probablemente actividad fisica (Physical Activity) & P-Day, but I also love my classes, teaching experiences, meals, and devotionals.

This doesn´t happen every week, but I love observing as my teachers demonstrate teaching the gospel to an investigator in class.  The Spirit is so strong and I can feel the significance of this work.  My least favorite part is just before we teach a lesson, because we always worry that we are not going to know what to say to invite the peace of the Spirit that will allow them to feel God´s love and be taught.

  1. Have you had times yet when you have felt lonely or sad or scared or …?  What helps? I have felt a lot of love for you, my family, but not had enough downtime to be lonely or sad.  I have missed the simple things of eating dinner with the family, going to church and hugging all of the ward family members, getting frozen yogurt with Hamilton & Ben, etc. but I love the pictures that I brought and I’m grateful to be doing the Lord´s work now.

I am praying for President Trump and all of our leaders to be guided by God and shown what is the best thing for our country in all their decisions.

  1. Are you getting pouch mail? Other mail? Nope!
  2. What exercise are you doing?Is there a substitute for Blogilates? J I love exercise here!  It’s for the most part non-competitive and everyone wants people to come play with them. I have played ping-pong, volleyball (sand and grass), soccer (futbol), and walked around the perimeter of the CCM.

We don’t have Blogilates, but almost, because there is this one Latina hermana that is definitely destined for personal training because she made us work.  The 4 of us were doing crunches on the grass and she came over and did them with us, then she said something in Spanish that I can only imagine meant “Here, try this!” and demonstrated an exercise I had never seen before that made me so sore.  Then we did 4 or 5 more exercises, each time counting loudly in Spanish to veinte.

  1. How’s your amount of sleep? My body has adjusted to the sleep here.  I still think that I was justified in saying that the rule that would be the hardest for me to follow would be to not go to bed until 10:30pm. 🙂
  2. Have you started dreaming in Spanish yet? I still can´t remember my dreams most nights, but I will let you know if I dream in Spanish…
  3. Did you pack everything you have needed? I’m planning to buy a Spanish mini himnos book at the Distribution center by the temple, but I have everything I need!
  4. Are you sick of your music yet? Do you even have time to listen to music? We aren’t allowed to listen to our own music here, so no! But, we sing a lot in coro and our cuarto at night. We sing a Spanish hymn a capella and kneel for roommate prayer in Spanish.  I love it!  We are trying to memorize a scripture a day, which inevitably ends up being scriptures like “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15)

I know He lives

I know He loves me

I know He died to give life eternal

I want to follow Him so that I can return

To live with God again.

(These are lyrics to a beautiful song that Morgan sang for her baptism at age 8)


Hna Baldridge


One thought on “¡Semana 3!

  1. Dear Morgita, We hope this message will get to you.  Estamos muy feliz acerca su mensaje este semana.  Gracias!  Espero que Ud. es bien de salud y que Ud. tendre bien salud.  Mi espanol de Guatemala y Paraguay se fue, intonces por favor perdon mi muy pobre espanol. We are so thrilled you are willing to serve as a missionary in Peru, and we know you will do a wonderful work there por que Ud. tiene  humilidad.    Buen Suerte con todas cosas en la  CCM,  Esto tambien pasare  (will pass?)  Be a great Avocado! Love you lots,  Los viejos    (Mi diccionario espanol esta en Payson, y estamos in Mesa, entonces no es posible a usarlo  a ayudar con nuestras mensaje a ti.   Por favor, perdon nuestros equivacados. . . Gracias!  Con amor! | |

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